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Schedule (*See schedule tab on web site for more details)

We have put together a schedule that will be in effect until the 9:30 p.m. curfew is lifted. We realize that the early start times are not ideal, however, we have been limited by available hours relative to the curfew as well as the floor space which is also being used for ball hockey on our off days. 

The FCQ (Fédération de Crosse de Québec) will be coordinating a game schedule with other associations as soon as the government permits. They will also try to  organize some jamborees throughout the season, more details to come. Of course this is all subject to getting the green light from the government with respect to Covid 19.

Coaches and Team Liaison

We have been very fortunate to have been able to  secure a dedicated coach with lacrosse experience for each level. These coaches are young men and fathers who have or who continue to compete at high levels in this amazing sport. Please be aware that these coaches are volunteering their time and energy for our kids, all that they ask in return is that they be given the respect and consideration by the players and parents. Should your son or daughter need to miss a practice or game, we ask that you notify the coach so that they can make arrangements or modifications to their drills and  plans or if they require call-ups.  Your coach will be in touch to share their contact information with you once the teams are completed. We will be asking for a couple of parent volunteers on each team with or without experience to help out the coaches. Truly, no experience necessary, you’ll have fun and learn even more about lacrosse. 

We are also looking for a parent at each level who is willing to act as a liaison for the coach and players to help out with some of the communications, this will not involve a lot of work but will surely help out our coaching staff. If you are interested, you can give your name at the sign up desk.

Registration Fees

The registration fee this year for all levels is $275.00/player. Under normal circumstances, fees are collected through spordle. This year we will only be accepting payment by cheque. The reason why we are collecting fees this way is that should the season be forced to cancel due to Government regulations, reimbursement will be easier to take care of. 

Should we need to reimburse due to a forced cancellation, a $75.00 administration fee will be withheld. The administration fee covers the annual expenses such as equipment rental space, spordle fee, equipment repairs and replacement, FCQ registration (for the association, players and coaches). Of the remaining $200.00, we will reimburse the amount, minus expenses paid up to the time of cancellation (i.e floor rental fee, payment to officials etc.). We will reimburse by cheque the balance owing minus expenses. 

Please make the cheque out to WILA and bring it to the first practice. (Deadline for payment is April 26th, 2021 or spots will be released - Space is limited and will fill up quickly ) Please indicate your  son or daughter's name and level on the memo line of the cheque. Etransfer can also be sent to phil@westislandlacrosse.com

Safety protocols - See information on Covid 19 on this site. 

We are very excited to start the season off and to have our kids outside being active while developing their love, passion and skills for this incredible sport!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@westislandlacrosse.com

Have a great season everyone!!!


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