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WILA update for May 4th


Hello all!


Well we are now 2 weeks in and things seem to be up and running smoothly...well at least as smooth as can be expected considering COVID! Your committee and coaches have been putting every effort and many hours to ensure that this season will be a successful one, and so far so good! Moving forward there are a few items that we would like to address.


  • Parents/players need to download the Teamsnap app and accept their invitation so that we can send any messages or  notifications efficiently in the event of cancellation of a practice due to weather or a coaching situation.
    • Please note that there will be a COVID check-in through Teamsnap that needs to be done by the players before arriving at each game or practice.
    • The schedules have been updated on Teamsnap for the entire season as well as on the Website. 
    • If you have registered and have not yet received an invitation,please let us know at
  • All Players AND Parents must disinfect their hands at the table supplied by NTR as they enter the DEK area. This is no different than what we are all used to doing when we go to a store, please make this a habit.
  • Parents who stay to watch, please respect the 2 meter distancing rule. 
  • Players will not be allowed on the DEK until fully registered and payment has been received by WILA. Once registered with us and payment has been made, players are then insured through the FCQ should an injury or accident occur. We also need to finalize our numbers.
  • All players must respect their assigned age category and go to their designated DEK space.
  • We need a parent volunteer at each level who will act as a liaison between the coach and either the committee, other parents or any other help should there be any communications to be sent out. This role, especially this year, will most likely require very minimum effort. We are very lucky to have coaches volunteering their time for our kids, we don’t want them to have to worry about non-floor items. 
  • Committee members won't be at every WILA event moving forward.
  • Only 2 weeks in and we already have a good collection of lost and found clothing! Should your son or daughter have accidently left a sweatshirt, water bottle or anything else behind, there is a green laundry basket clearly labeled WILA lost and found in it. It is located in the shack where the washroom is located.
  • In an effort to reduce the “field time”, we have slightly altered the schedule which will affect the Bantam boys and girls, the midget boys and girls as well as the intermediate players. Please follow the schedule below effective Tuesday May 4th. While the curfew has been changed, we will be keeping the schedule start times as indicated as one of the factors that played into scheduling was determined by our coaches’ availability.
  • Please note that due to coaches availability at all levels as well as the overall challenges in scheduling for the older age groups with greater numbers on the DEK surface, the 5:00 start times will remain in effect. 
Thank you

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