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2021-05-04 - News

NEW UPDATED SCHEDULE IS UP! May 4th, 2021 08:41   Please check the schedules page for update times.   WILA update for May 4th   Hello all!   Well we are now 2 weeks in and things seem to be up and running smoothly...well at least as smooth as can be expected considering COVID! Your committee and coaches have been putting every effort and many hours to ensure that this season will be a successful one, and so far so good! Moving forward there are a few items th...

2021-04-25 - News

PRE-REGISTERED? REGISTER NOW! April 25th, 2021 09:57 Dear Registered Members,   Thank you for your interest in West Island Lacrosse, our Open House week is now over, and we are now looking to confirm our teams and DEK spac...

2021-04-23 - News

Last day : Opening week - Open House! April 23rd, 2021 Things are heating up! After two chilly opening days that saw a fantastic turn-out, we are prepared for our last open house / opening week session. (and Hot temps..) This Sat...

2021-04-20 - News

Please check with our website for all the information you need. If we need to cancel due to rain, we will announce on all social media ASAP.   Once all regsitered players have been officially signed up, we will be using Teamsnap to c...

2021-04-07 - News

April 15, 2021   WILA Lacrosse kick-off!!!! ….YES IT’S HAPPENING!!!! Hello all! Our committee has been working very hard these past few weeks to ensure as smooth a start to our season as possible, especially ...

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